We can wrap you with your smile.


We deliver customers joy and excitement.
Our innovations of spirit and of packaging technology, cultivated over years of history and experience, enable us to propose the Holy Trinity of packaging: the creative spirit, the selling spirit, and the purchasing spirit

Packaging is a show.
Packaging is tenderness.
Packaging is beauty.
Packaging is fun.

Our mission is to contribute to the development of society through packaging. We will endeavor to explore the limitless possibilities and strive to create a prosperous future.


  • 01

    Product’s Developement & Proposition

    We provide total support for package design and producing "products that sell", right from the marketing research and product-planning phase.

  • 02

    Speedy Production’s Process

    We have latest manufature facility in Thailand and south east asia to delivery product on time.

  • 03

    Flexible Packaing to
    Heavy Duty Packaging

    We can offer you heavy duty packaging to Flexible packaging,



  • 01 Food Wrapping

    We got a request from the clien from Japanese's rice cracker factory located in Thailand, to produce a rice cracker's packaging, from choosing the proper materials to the finished package, in order to export them to America.There were 6 requirements we had to keep in mind and come to terms with, when we designed the package;

    1. Package's ability to preserve product's freshness from vapor throughout the year
    2. Package's transparency must be clear enough to see the inside of the package
    3. Humidity level when transporting through marine container / Endurance of any crash that might occur while transporting through land route
    4. Design that'll make cusonsumer understand clearly that this is organic product
    5. Availability​ to seal and unseal the package repeatedly
    6. Reasonable cost production

    With our carefully cultivated know-how and technique up until now, we finally overcame those problems meontioned above. In the end our labor was paid off, the product became a big hit in America, gaining large marginal income for our client.

  • 02 Medical Supplies Wrapping

    Requirements for package of medical equipments and pharmacutical supplies are varied by each region but it's utmost important for us to be able to produce the package corresponding with any requests. Starting with doing a research for each countries' heath standard norms, then coming up with safe and highly secured package design plan, then finally providing our clients with a finished products.


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