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Thorough windshield protection with WPF! Focus on technology to protect windshields!

Windshield protection film (WPF), a windshield protection film, is attracting attention from classic and luxury car users. The day when the general public will recognize WPF, which not only protects against flying rocks but also has water repellency and UV cut functions, is already around the corner.

Have you ever heard of a protective film called WPF (Windshield protection film)?
Like PPF (Print protection film) introduced in the previous issue, WPF is a type of TPU (thermoplastic poly-plastic) film that protects the windshield from flying rocks and UV rays.
Originally used for luxury cars and racing cars, it is gradually becoming popular among general users.

However, it is a fact that the “environment” for popularization is not yet in place, as the price is still high and there are not many companies that can install it.
Let’s learn more about “WPF” now, which is sure to attract more attention in the future.

What is WPF?

As mentioned earlier, WPF is a type of protection film, the same as PPF, which protects the car body, and headlight protection, which protects headlights from yellowing.
Although there are differences among brands, on average, windshields are coated with a urethane film about 150 μ thick to prevent damage caused by flying rocks and wiper scratches.
The coating process requires a high level of skill, as many products require heat molding or cutting the film for each car body.

Unfortunately, this is not yet a construction process that can be accepted anywhere or by anyone.
However, WPF is a film that protects not only “beauty” but also “safety.
If your vision is broken by a sudden stepping stone when you are speeding on the highway or other places, it can lead to an accident in the worst case.

By protecting the windshield with WPF, damage caused by flying rocks is prevented.
In many cases, damage caused by flying rocks can be partially repaired if the damage is small, but depending on the depth and size of the damage, the entire windshield may have to be replaced.
In recent years, more and more car models are equipped with advanced safety devices (cameras) on the windshield, and windshield repair costs are higher than in the past, so more and more people are choosing to protect their windshields with WPF.

Advantages of coating with WPF

  • Protects the windshield from flying rocks and other scratches
    Self-healing type WPF is self-renewable for light scratches. In the unlikely event of a major scratch, the coating can be reapplied to keep the surface as clean as new.
  • Water-repellent and safe even on rainy days
    A number of high-performance models with high water repellency added to WPF are also available.The need for water-repellent treatment of windshields, which used to be done periodically, is no longer necessary.
  • Comfortable driving with UV-cut function
    Most WPFs in circulation today include UV-cut functions, which block more than 99% of UV rays, preventing sunburn for drivers and fading and deterioration of vehicle interiors.
  • Prevention of wiper scratches
    Coating with WFP prevents friction with wipers and small scratches caused by sand, dust, and debris sticking to the wipers and rubbing against them.

Highly functional models that not only protect the windshield from scratches but also provide water repellency and UV processing are popular. Some of them have a heat shielding function to prevent the temperature inside the car from rising, and others have a multi-layered structure so that only the scratched layer of film needs to be peeled off, eliminating the need to reapply the film. Because it is not an inexpensive purchase, it is important to select and code the film carefully.

Who is recommended to install WPF?

We recommend that you consider coating with WFP if any of the following conditions apply to you

  • Frequent highway usersomfortable driving with UV-cut function
    Because of the speed at which people drive on highways, stepping stones are more likely to occur.Stones can fly from dump trucks, trucks, and other construction vehicles.
  • Frequent users of gravel or other unpaved roads
    Gravel roads increase the likelihood of rolling up small sand and other debris.
    Especially after rain, it is easier to roll up small stones.
  • Own a luxury or valuable classic car
    If the windshield needs to be completely replaced, a genuine windshield tends to be expensive.
    In the case of classic cars, they may have already been discontinued and may not be available in stock.
  • Have a car equipped with a camera for automatic braking on the windshield
    In the past, replacement windshields were also used for replacement glass, but the cost of replacement tends to be high because the factory windshield is recommended for proper camera operation.

If you drive in an environment prone to flying rocks, or if your factory windshield is valuable or expensive, we recommend coating it with WFP to protect your vehicle from flying rocks.

WPF Longevity

PPFs are said to have a life span of roughly 2 to 5 years, while WFPs have a shorter life span of 1 to 2 years. WFP tends to deteriorate faster, especially for those who park outdoors or drive on a daily basis.
Be careful when choosing inexpensive WPF, as it will also deteriorate faster.
Consider replacing the WPF when you notice deterioration, such as when its water repellency weakens.
If the WPF is deeply scratched, it cannot be partially reupholstered, and must be completely reupholstered.

Summary of advantages and disadvantages of WPF

  • Advantages
    • Protects windshield from scratches caused by flying rocks, etc.
    • Prevents wiper scratching
    • In case of scratches, WPF can be reupholstered to restore it to like-new condition.
    • Increased comfort with functions such as water repellency, UV protection, and heat shielding
  • Demerit
    • Coating costs are still high.
    • WPF has a short lifespan of 1-2 years and requires repeated application
    • Degrades faster when parked outdoors or driven daily due to its sensitivity to ultraviolet rays
    • In case of scratches, the entire surface would have to be reupholstered.
    • Few professional contractors and craftsmen who can install

WPF should be coated according to whether it is really necessary depending on the type of car, parking environment, and frequency of use. However, it is a fact that needs are growing. In Japan, there is a growing movement to expand the market for WPF, such as by holding training sessions on WPF for installers.

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