• Bread
    • Sandwich
    • Rice ball

    Daily items

    Generally used for food products with short expiration dates, commonly known as “daily items,” this category of packaging can often be seen in convenience stores and supermarkets. This packaging requires easy opening, while still maintaining the quality of fresh food.
    • Frozen Lunch Box
    • Ice Cream
    • Pizza

    Products for refrigeration and freezing

    This is packaging widely used for general processed food, which considers expiration date and the protection of contents as its top priority, taking into account food processing conditions. This kind of packaging is often used for refrigerated products and frozen products.
    • Snack
    • Candy
    • Noodles

    Lamination products

    Food packaging for rice snacks and other delicacies is often treated with different kinds of film in order to prevent the penetration of oxygen or water vapor, to block light, or to prevent static electrical charges. A single kind of film may have a number of functions to protect package contents.
    • Boiling / Retort Sausage
    • Refill Pouch
    • Pet Food

    Functional Products

    We can support a regtangular and circular model packagings in corresponding each product's utilities and it's way of using, also combining lamination technique and products' substance thus, creating the most suitable retort pouch packaging.



    • Chemical
    • Food
    • Agricalture
    • Construction

    Flexible container bag

    Nihon Matai group has the largest market share for highly functional, high quality, clean FIBCs in Japan.Under a perfect quality control management system, we manufacture a variety of FIBCs in Japan and at our Asian bases
    • Home
    • Agricalture
    • Construction

    Laminated Cloth

    Laminated cloth is a product made by coating or attaching various resin films to cloth (fabric) made of flat yarn (polyolefin materials) so that it can have new functionality. This cloth is used in a wide range of applications, such as construction materials, agricultural materials, and packaging materials.
    • Steel
    • Non-ferrouse
    • paper

    Paper Core

    Paper cores are used for various purposes mainly focusing on "Winding" "wrapping" "supporting"functions. It is active in a wide range of fields from home use to industrial use,our core is major in Steel market in Thailand.
    • Welding Wire
    • Chemical
    • Pharmaceutical

    Fiber drums

    Fiber drum is a drum made of paper. It is mainly used for the export of powdered chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Capacity ranges widely from 10 to 250 liters.
    • Steel
    • Packing
    • Food

    Paper laminate

    We offer products that have properties of respective materials, by laminating materials of different properties such as paper, film and aluminum, using PE or PP resin as adhesive, or by laminating materials with PE or PP resin as substrate material.
    • Medical
    • Paint Protection
    • Electronics

    Urethane film

    Sheets and films manufactured by directly extruding thermoplastic elastomer resins. Unlike products produced by the calendaring method or solution casting method, they do not contain solvents, rendering them environmentally friendly. This is used as substrate materials for decoration films such as ABS and PMMA.